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Your website is critical to your business success.

More than just a brochure, it’s how people discover you, it defines what they think about you, how they interact with you and ultimately whether they buy from you.

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Get found online

The first part of any sale is making sure that your potential customers can find you. Search engine optimisation known as SEO, is a specialist skill and something that most business owners don't need to spend time learning in detail.

Handle helps you out by analysing data from your website, gathering data from the search engines and other specialist SEO data sources to give you a straight forward SEO score. At a glance you can see how your website is performing in the search engines and also how it compares to other business.

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Website SEO
Website SEO

Turn visitors into customers

Getting people to your website is just the first step. Ensuring that your business remains the destination of choice when they are ready to buy, takes time and effort.

Handle thoroughly analyses your site, from how it's technically built through to how easy it is for people to use. Using this analysis, Handle creates an optimisation score so you can see if you site is working hard enough at turning traffic into customers.

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Improve your website

Knowing how you’re doing is useful, but you just want to know how to get more people to your website and how to turn those visitors into customers. Based on the data in your SEO and optimisation scores Handle gives you specific actions to improve each area. These actions are supported by resources and tools so you can either roll your sleeves up and do it yourself or task your team or agency to do it for you.

Handle doesn’t blind you with detail, it gives you a top level, data led measure of your websites performance so you can see not only how you’re doing right now but how the changes you and your team make are improving your website and your business.

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Website SEO
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As a business that finds the majority of its new clients online, Handle allows us to see how we are being perceived and then take control of our online reputation. For example, the scores on the dashboard have motivated me to work on my businesses SEO. I found the website easy to use and have actually already recommended it to several people.

Rebecca Aldridge - Managing Director

Balance: Wealth Planning

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