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Every day, people use data to make decisions about your business. See what they see. In one place. For free.

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An explosion of business information

There is more digital information available about your business than ever before. More and more people are using this digital profile to make decisions that can have a huge impact on your success; whether to buy from you, whether to supply you, what payment terms to give you. It’s time to make your digital profile work for you.

Handle allows us to see how we are being perceived and then take control of our online reputation.

Rebecca Aldridge | Managing Director, Balance: Wealth Planning

Reveal your digital profile today, for free

Five key areas in one simple dashboard

For the first time the digital profile created by your website, social media activity, customer feedback, credit score and financial information is available in one easy to understand and actionable dashboard.

Handle gives us a way of evaluating our performance in one place, ensuring we know where to invest our energy to grow.

David Cowell | Managing Director, Promo 2 U

Your entire digital profile in one place

Get a Handle on your digital profile

You don’t have enough time in the day and you are expected to know everything. That’s hard. Handle gives you the insight you need quickly and easily, without blinding you with detail, so you can see how you are doing, how you compare to other businesses and what action you can take to improve.

Handle is clear and simple, it gives me the information I need quickly so I can get back to running my business.

Chris Hanlon | Managing Director, Future Water ltd

Control your digital profile, for free

Built for business owners and directors

We know your business is your world. Whether you want to grow your business or protect what you’ve built, Handle monitors your digital profile alerting you if things change, helping you understand the impact of any changes and how to turn them into an advantage.

Handle scores let me easily check how we are doing and see the things we can do to maintain and improve our digital profile.

Lesley Burton | Owner, Goltho Gardens

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Your data is protected

Handle uses the latest encryption methods to keep your data secure.

Know what’s changed

We'll alert you when your business data and Handle scores change.

Monitor your business

Check your scores as often as you like for complete peace of mind.

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**Credit and finance reports are only available to limited businesses.