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Social media has revolutionised how people engage with and buy from your business.

Your customers and prospects can now speak to you directly 24/7, which is both a huge opportunity and a challenge. Understanding where you are winning on social media means you can be more efficient with your time and build stronger more valuable networks that help amplify your business.

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How valuable is your network?

The key to a powerful social media strategy is the people that follow and engage with you. Not just the amount of people you reach directly, but who those people are able to influence on your behalf.

Handle analyses your direct and your wider indirect social network, looking at the speed and scale that your followers give you, bringing this data into a single follower strength score. This helps you to stay focussed on reaching and engaging with the people that matter to your business.

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Are you interesting?

Having thousands of followers in your social network may feel like a success, but if they don’t engage with you they may as well not be there. Social media should be social, so the key measure of success is how many of your posts are liked, shared or commented on.

Handle reviews your social activity and gives you two scores so you can understand your update frequency and how that influences your engagement levels. With this you can plan your social calendar and understand whether your posts are influencing the people you want.

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Every business owner wants to know if they are wasting time and effort with social media. Tracking the impact of your efforts across social media becomes easier when you know who you are trying to reach and why. Handle helps you stay focused on these goals with simple scores and specific actions that are coupled to resources and tools to help you create and maintain more efficient and productive social media activity.

Handle doesn't blind you with detail, it gives you a top level, data led measure of your social media performance so you can see not only how you’re doing right now but how the changes you and your team make are improving your social media activity and your business.

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We're busy running our business so it can be difficult to stay up to date with what’s happening on our website and social media channels. Handle's simple scores let me easily check how we are doing as well as helping me see the things we can do to maintain and improve our digital profile.

Lesley Burton - Owner

Goltho Gardens

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