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What do your numbers say about your business?

Your finances are the underlying barometer of your business health.

They are probably one of the first things you think about when you wake up and likely one of the main things that will keep you awake at night. But your finances are your control mechanism. They help you steer your business to success and are also the primary piece of information people outside of your business use to measure your success. Keep close control of your financial information so you always the most informed person about your business.

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We gather Finance data from all these sources and more

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity

The reason why your business exists is to make a profit. Whether for its owners, shareholders or even if it's reinvested for the benefit of those it serves, without profit your business simply isn't a business. Handle combines data from Companies House and your credit file to give you a single profitability rating so you can understand how lenders, investors, suppliers or even customers view the performance of your business.

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Finance profit
Finance Cash Flow

Cash flow is king

All business owners obsess about cash flow. Your businesses ability to turn profit into cash is a true measure of success and is what ultimately frees you as the business owner from chasing money to focussing on strategic growth. Handle analyses your data to create a cash flow rating so you can see how lenders, investors or suppliers view the potential of your business to cover any unforeseen liabilities or invest in growth.

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Your business finance health check

Many business owners file annual accounts and then think very little about what impact that financial information has on them and how it is used by others. Handle helps you keep an eye on the key elements of your business finances in one simple report. Bringing together your financial information, Handle analyses and assesses, allowing you to see how other people see your business and giving you specific actions to improve so your financial data is always in the best state it can be.

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Finance actions
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Handle gives me a health check across my business, it's an excellent dashboard for a business owner. It tells me how we're performing now, what we need to do to improve and then once we've taken action it helps is check we're on the right track

Laverne King - Managing Director

Kings Office Supplies

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