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What's your business credit Score?

Just like you, your limited business has a credit score.

Your business credit score is used by lots of different people to determine how financially robust your business is. It can be used to assess how much money your business could potentially borrow or even what payment terms you might get from your suppliers. Regardless of whether you need finance right now or if you don’t buy any goods on invoice, managing your businesses credit health is important as it increases your potential financial options should you need them in the future.

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Credit where it's due

At its most fundamental level, your business credit score is an indication of how likely your business is to pay back any money it owes. In order to demonstrate this, you have to have a record of paying back credit agreements. For businesses this goes beyond just loans, credit cards or mobile phone contracts that you might be familiar with as an individual. Paying invoices on time, filing your company accounts and more all influence your business credit score. Handle breaks this out into a credit rating so you can see how likely you are to be approved for the credit you need.

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Who are you?

One of the main factors that influences your business credit score is how easily your business can be identified. When a customer, supplier or lender is thinking about working with you, they want to know that you are, who you say you are. Handle analyses the detail and consistency of the data available about your business to create an identification score. This helps you understand the confidence level your business partners can have when considering extending you credit.

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When a business checks their credit score, it’s often reactive. Most people don’t realise they have a problem until it’s too late. Actively tracking and managing your business credit score gives you a competitive advantage and Handle helps you do that. By monitoring and acting on Handle’s simple credit information and scores, when you do need to speak to the bank or to your suppliers, you get the finance you need at the rate you want or the best possible payment terms.

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There's a conflict for small businesses between being busy right now and making informed strategic decisions for the future. Having all your data connected and in one place is a huge help. When it comes to reviewing our key performance indicators, Handle gives us a simple, consistent way of evaluating our performance in one place, ensuring we know where to invest our energy to grow in the right direction.

David Cowell - Managing Director

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